The BP Business Solutions Fuel Plus Program provides your drivers with access to the highest quality fuels at thousands of BP branded locations in the U.S.

This fleet card gives you, the fleet manager, the ability to determine how each card may be used, earn rebates at BP and get comprehensive reporting to monitor and track your fuel expenses more efficiently.

BP Fuel Rebates

Earn rebates on gasoline and diesel fuel purchases made at BP branded locations with the BP Business Solutions Universal Fuel Program. Monthly gallons for gasoline and diesel are totaled separately and rebate is based on the chart shown below. Diesel rebates are capped at 3.5 ¢ per gallon*.
Example of Savings:

Total of 6,000 gallons of fuel (gasoline and diesel) purchased for the month.

4,000 gallons gasoline = 4.0 ¢ per gallon rebate ($160)**
2,000 gallons diesel = 3.5 ¢ per gallon rebate ($70)** _______________
$230 rebate earned**

Note: **New accounts ONLY. Valid for applications received on or after 9/15/2014. Rebates are subject to change at any time without notice. Rebates may not be allowed where prohibited by law and apply only to fuel purchases made at participating BP branded locations in the U.S. Only “on road” (low sulfur) diesel is eligible for a rebate.

BP Fuel Program Fuel Rebates Chart

Security and Fraud Control

The BP Business Solutions Fuel Plus Program is designed with controls to protect your business. Only fleet managers can gain secure online access to driver account information. Plus, these cards require a Driver Identification Number (DIN) to be entered before every purchase for added security.

Lost/stolen cards or cards of ex-employees may be deactivated by fleet managers immediately via the account online website or with a quick call to customer service.

Account Controls

Now you can set up cards based upon each driver's specific usage needs. Set limits for each fleet fuel card to eliminate overspending, such as 2 transactions a day, 25 gallons a week, or 500 gallons a month.

Also, you can set cards to prompt for DIN and odometer reading to monitor and track fuel usage by individual driver, and by vehicle. You’ll be able to monitor miles per gallon by vehicle and other details in your reports when you require odometer readings.

Complete Online Control

We removed the hassle of paperwork by making your entire account available online, 24/7. You will have access to transaction information through our easy-to-use website.

Plus, you will have complete control of each individual fleet card, including the ability to deactivate cards, request new ones, or change spending limits by card.

Access Invoices Online

With the BP Business Solutions Fuel Plus  Program, you can receive your statements online. If you prefer, you may choose to receive paper statements (a fee may apply). You can also view unbilled transaction details and pay your bill when you access your account online.


Real-time account tracking lets you keep a close eye on the spending of every driver in your fleet.

  • Immediately monitor after-hours service, daily transactions and daily dollar amounts.
  • Set the system to flag data for all purchases made outside established limits.
  • Monitor and track purchases by using a variety of detailed reports available, sorted by exception, driver, vehicle, MPG readings or any of several other options.
  • Use exception reports to identify and help prevent unwanted purchases.

Available Fuel Management Reports

The BP Business Solutions Fuel Plus Program puts all your fleet usage data right at your fingertips. Using our website, you'll have access to a variety of reports that will help you manage your vehicle expenses.

Example reports include:
Customer Detail Statement View a Sample >
Driver Management Report View a Sample >
Driver Summary ReportView a Sample >
Vehicle Management Report View a Sample >
Vehicle Summary Report View a Sample >
Exception Report View a Sample >
Site Management Report View a Sample >

Tax_Exempt Reporting

Tax exempt reporting is available for qualified accounts. A state tax exemption certificate is required. Only fuel purchases are exempt and will be reported. A 1% service fee applies. Click here to see a sample tax exempt report.

There is no monthly membership fee for accounts purchasing over 5,000 gallons per month ($10 monthly membership fee applies otherwise).

Gain access to your BP Business Solutions Fuel Plus Program account 24/7 online.